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Goodness Care Services

Regulatory Services

We provide pharmaceutical companies and drugstores with CTD (Common Technical Dossier) Filing, review of regulatory files for the purpose of registration or re-registration in accordance with CTD requirements, e-submission (eCTD) support, response to regulatory authorities for deficiency letters, and stability study review and justification.

Product Development Services

We can help in the development of new products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products. We also help to resolve troubleshooting during the product development stage or in accordance with post-approval changes regulations.

Acting As a Responsible Person Services

For companies outside Jordan who would like to introduce products in Jordan, we can offer an independent representation for them with JFDA and act as a “responsible person”. This includes the following services:

  • Act as an Authorized Representative for the company with the Jordan Food and Drug Administration.
  • Become a Registered Address for the JFDA.
  • Provide reviews and ensure the registrability of the products prior to the JFDA application.
  • Keep and Update the Technical documentation.
  • Provide detailed Technical Documentation Review.
  • Advise on Labeling Compliance and Language Requirements.
  • Incident Reporting and Complaint Handling.
  • Support on Conformity Assessment & Certification Procedures.
  • Support on Safety Post-Marketing Surveillance.
  • Jordan Trademark Submissions.
  • Follow up on all required analytical activities in Jordan.

Reporting Services

  • Pharmaceutical expert reports, clinical and non-clinical.
  • Pharmacokinetics and bio-waiver reports.
  • Cosmetic product safety reports.

Pharmacovigilance Services

  • Pharmacovigilance System Setup: Set up a comprehensive pharmacovigilance system that complies with the relevant regulatory authorities’ requirements. The system will include approved procedures for adverse drug reaction reports, PSUR development, a qualified person for pharmacovigilance (job description), training, and reporting. In addition, staff training on how to implement and maintain the pharmacovigilance system.
  • PSUR Reporting: Preparation of PSURs that review scientific literature and evaluate the company’s data individually and prepare complete and ready-to-submit PSURs for human medicinal products. The PSUR reporting service includes:
    • A thorough review of scientific literature in medical sources
    • Review, evaluation, and processing of suspected adverse drug effects (ADRs)
    • Analysis of company-specific data
    • Preparation of a customized periodic safety update report (PSUR).

Sites Inspection and Qualification Services

  • We provide auditing and certification service to help manufacturers of healthcare products comply with the safety and quality regulations:

    • Gap analysis for pharmaceuticals or Cosmetics sites versus GMP requirements, including Quality Management systems (QMS), SOPs, and their implementation.
    • Gap analysis for analytical labs versus ISO 17025 requirements, including quality system, and SOPs.
    • Pre-inspection audits for sites or labs expecting regulatory inspection.
    • Upgrading cosmetic manufacturing facilities for registration at the Ministry of Health for manufacturing General Sales List Products (GSL).
    • Upgrading manufacturing facilities to comply with ISO 13485.
    • Support in Site Master File (SMF) preparation.
    • Support in specific Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) preparation.