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Goodness Care seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical distributors and drugstores with a significant market presence.

By partnering with us, your business will have exclusive rights to distribute our high-quality, well-formulated products in your territory. This is a unique opportunity to expand your product portfolio with niche, high-quality, profitable, and well-demanded health products.

We are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships that promote growth and success.

Innovative & Profitable Health Products

Who are we?

We specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality cosmeceuticals and supplements. Our health products are manufactured in Jordan in GMP and ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, using only the highest quality raw materials and ingredients. We guarantee our products’ efficacy. The pricing structure ensures that you, the agent or distributor, and the pharmacies get substantial margins. Since we develop and manufacture our own products, there is no middleman to reduce your margins.

Your Benefits

Flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

We offer a dynamic approach to MOQs, recognizing the diverse scales of distribution businesses. Our flexible structure caters to established and early-stage agents and distributors, ensuring a swift onboarding process. Whether you’re a large distributor exploring new products or a smaller company, our adaptable MOQ policy aligns with your operational needs.

Regulatory Support

Navigating regulations is complex, and we prioritize seamless compliance. Our commitment to partner agents and distributors includes solid regulatory support:

  • Guidance Throughout: Our experienced team leads you through the regulatory process in your country, ensuring understanding, documentation completion, and adherence to protocols.
  • Local Expertise: Leveraging international and local regulations, we offer tailored insights for your market, ensuring your products meet all standards.
  • Documentation Support: We understand the significance of accurate and thorough documentation. Our team will assist you in preparing the required paperwork, making the registration process more efficient and less burdensome.
  • Continuous Support: As regulations evolve, we provide ongoing assistance to keep your business compliant, adapting to shifts over time for a lasting partnership.

Comprehensive Product Training

Recognizing the indispensable role of well-informed medical and sales representatives in the success of health product distribution, our commitment to training is both comprehensive and advanced, ensuring your teams are thoroughly prepared:

Our training programs dive deep into product science, providing in-depth knowledge on composition, benefits, market positioning, and product differentiators tailored for your medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives. We equip your teams with valuable market insights and competitive analysis, empowering them to make informed decisions in the dynamic and competitive landscape. Offering comprehensive product training to medical and sales representatives, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists in your territory, we ensure a clear understanding for informed decisions and accurate patient recommendations. Fostering an interactive learning environment, our sessions encourage participation, making knowledge practical and applicable in real-world scenarios. Acknowledging the industry’s constant evolution, we provide continuous learning opportunities, keeping your team informed about product updates, industry trends, and market shifts, ensuring their knowledge remains current for ongoing success.

Quick Turnaround

Our commitment to seamless logistics ensures that your orders are not just promises but swift actions:

From the instant we receive your legal purchase order, our dedicated team leaps into action, ensuring prompt acknowledgment, order confirmation, and the initiation of a streamlined production process. Prioritizing swift fulfillment, we provide realistic delivery estimates based on your order requirements, fostering transparency for effective inventory and distribution planning. Communication is paramount – we keep you informed at every step with regular updates on order status, production milestones, and shipping details, instilling confidence in the timely delivery of your products. Our team’s responsiveness extends to urgent orders, meeting critical timelines without compromising quality standards. Emphasizing speed, we maintain rigorous quality control measures, conducting thorough checks to ensure each product meets our high standards before reaching your hands. This dedication to efficiency, communication, and quality assurance reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in every order.

Product Customization

We offer customization options, aligning our products with your market’s needs. Customization is contingent on an agreement on MOQs. The array of customization offerings includes design flexibility to seamlessly integrate with your product line, branding alignment by incorporating your logo and color schemes for a harmonious presentation, tailored messaging to emphasize specific benefits and address market needs, market-specific adaptations allowing you to tweak formulations or adjust sizes, and packaging choices, from labels to box designs, ensuring alignment with your brand and meeting specific market requirements or regulations. Our collaborative customization process involves consultative discussions to understand your market, target audience, and brand ethos, ensuring visually appealing and strategically aligned customization that resonates with your business objectives.

Private Labeling

Choosing our Private Labeling option is a strategic move to define and elevate your brand identity distinctly. This process, requiring agreement on MOQs, integrates your brand’s design elements into the product, from logo to color schemes. Private labeling extends to packaging, ensuring a harmonious presentation from labels to box designs, reinforcing brand consistency. This transforms each product into a unique offering exclusive to your brand, a crucial differentiation in a competitive market. Our collaborative approach involves consultative discussions to align private labeling with your brand strategy. Private labeling enhances brand recognition and consumer trust, fostering familiarity. You can tailor offerings based on market demand.

Custom Product Development

We can offer Custom Product Development, turning your vision into reality. Starting with in-depth conceptualization through collaborative ideation sessions, we explore your vision, needs, and market requirements, defining unique product attributes. Customized ingredients and formulations tailored to your objectives distinguish your product. Prototypes for hands-on validation precede full-scale manufacturing, allowing assessment of attributes, functionality, and visual appeal. Regulatory compliance is assured as our team guides you through the landscape. Transparent communication keeps you informed. Our efficient manufacturing and timely delivery ensure the prompt introduction of your custom product to the market.

Ideal Collaboration Partners

We are looking for collaboration with agents and distributors with extensive experience in health products distribution. Ideal collaborators have a proven track record in medical devices, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, or food supplements, showcasing successful distribution operations. We value partners with complementary product portfolios, fostering synergy for cross-promotion and bundled offerings. Expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes is crucial, expediting market entry through efficient processes. Collaborators with regulatory proficiency further streamline registrations. Experience in similar markets provides a strategic advantage, and a shared commitment to long-term success aligns with our vision for market growth and customer satisfaction.

Targeted Expansion List

Opportunities Await: We are actively exploring exclusive distribution opportunities in the following countries and territories:

  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Sudan
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • Afghanistan
  • Azarbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Malawi
  • Botswana
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ethiopia
  • Bosnia
  • Rwanda

Strategic Expansion Overview

We aim to enter regions where our health products can make a significant impact. Inviting potential distributors and partners in these targeted areas, we explore collaborative opportunities through exclusive agency agreements, ensuring mutual benefits and contributing to the success of our products in new markets. Our expansion goes beyond reaching new markets; it’s about fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of both Goodness Care and our exclusive distributors and agents. Committed to shared success goals and strategic collaboration, we seek partners who share our dedication to delivering high-quality health solutions globally.

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