Alphamale Gel

Unique Natural Formula Gel for Men to Extend Intimacy, Satisfaction, and Enjoyment. Safe, Does Not Include Lidocaine or Benzocaine, and Does Not Cause Numbing.

Alphamale Gel is formulated for men. It is a unique formula based on natural herbal extracts. It does not contain Lidocaine or Benzocaine. It is water-based, latex-safe, pH-balanced, and easily absorbed by the skin. It works after 30 minutes of application. Alphamale gel is available in sachet format (10 sachets, 1 gm each), 15 gm, and 5 gm tubes.

How does Alphamale Gel Work?

Alphamale gel contains Eugenol as a natural fragrance. Eugenol has a mild local anesthetic action and works to decrease the sensitivity of the man’s private area. Besides, Alphamale Gel contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, and Radix Scutellaria.

Is Alphamale Gel safe to use?

Yes, Alphamale Gel is 100% safe. It is a natural, water-based formula and has no side effects.

How is Alphamale Gel different from other delay products?

Most other delay gels or creams that people use for premature ejaculation contain Lidocaine, Benzocaine, or other local anesthetics. These products cannot be considered cosmetic products, as they contain active ingredients that are only allowed in pharmaceutical products. Repeated use of these local anesthetics will cause local anesthetic resistance, so after 3-10 applications, a larger dosage will be needed to give the same anesthetic effect. Local anesthetics may lead to temporary loss of sensitivity and decreased sexual pleasure.

However, Eugenol, which is present in Alphamale Gel, has a mild anesthetic activity, and its repeated usage will not result in building any resistance. 

What is the right way to use alphamale gel

Apply only 1 gm of alphamale gel only on the top area of the male genitalia 30 minutes before intercourse. The skin will absorb it, and there is no need to wash it. It is important to remember NOT to apply to the entire male member, only the tip area.

Do I need to wait for Alpha male Gel to become absorbed after applying?

Yes, wait for 30 minutes after applying Alphamale Gel to become absorbed.

Can I use a lubricant with Alphamale Gel?

Yes. Once Alpha male Gel has become fully absorbed, a personal lubricant can be used.

Can I use too much Alphamale Gel?

Please do not over-apply Alphamale gel. You should always use the smallest effective dosage, which is only 1 gm per usage and only on the tip of the male member area.

Where is Alphamale gel developed and manufactured?

Alpha male gel is developed and manufactured in Jordan by Goodness Care.

Can i find information about alphamale gel in other languages?

Yes, we have pages about Alphamale gel in Arabic and French.

Where is Alphamale gel available?

Alphamale gel is available in Jordan, Palestine, Algeria, Qatar, South Sudan, and Kuwait. Check out our partners’ page for more details.

If you are a drugstore in another country and interested in marketing and distributing alphamale gel in your country, please fill in your information on our prospective partners’ page, and we will be happy to provide you with the full details.


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