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Alphamale Gel

Alphamale sachets box

No More Embarrassing Moments, Yes more Confidence & Satisfaction

Delay Gel for Men

Alphamale Gel is a natural delay gel for men. It is a unique formula based on 100% natural extracts. It does not contain Lidocaine or Benzocaine and therefore does not cause numbing. It is water-based, latex safe, pH balanced, and easily absorbed by the skin. It works after 30 minutes of application. Alphamale gel is available in several forms: 15g tube, 5gm tube, 10 sachets box (1g each sachet), 50 sachets box (1 gm each sachet), and 1g sachets.

How does Alphamale Gel Work?

Alphamale gel contains Eugenol as a natural fragrance. Eugenol has a mild local anesthetic action and works to decrease the sensitivity of the man’s private area. Besides, Alphamale Gel contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, and Radix Scutellaria.

Is Alphamale Gel safe to use?

Yes, Alphamale Gel is 100% safe. It is a natural, water-based formula and has no side effects.

How is Alphamale Gel different from other delay products?

Most delay gels available on the market contain Lidocaine and Benzocaine. Unfortunately, these products cause strong numbness and the person can form a dependency on the substance to get the desired effects. Alphamale Gel does not contain any Lidocaine or Benzocaine and does not form dependency. It has all-natural ingredients and increases the sensation, instead of numbing it.

How to use Alphamale Gel?

Apply about 1 gm of Alphamale gel to the top area of the man’s member and wait 30 minutes. Do not apply to the entire member, only the top area. After 30 minutes, you can wash it if you want to, but there is no need.

Do I need to wait for Alphamale Gel to become absorbed after applying?

Yes, wait for 30 minutes after applying Alphamale Gel to become fully absorbed by the skin.

Can I use a lubricant or a condom with Alphamale Gel?

Yes. Once Alphamale Gel has become fully absorbed, you can use a personal lubricant or a condom.

Can I use too much Alphamale Gel?

Yes, you can use too much of Alphamale gel. Only apply about 1 gm each time. Do not over-apply it.

Where is Alphamale gel developed and manufactured?

Alphamale gel is developed and manufactured in Jordan by Goodness Care. You can contact us at +962 782904344 or +962 795766972.

Where is Alphamale Gel available?

Exclusive Alphamale Gel Distributors & Agents:

Jordan – Arab Consultant Drugstore +962799699539

Algeria – Kalos Beauty & Youth +21323397486

Palestine (West Bank & Gaza) – Alfaisal Drugstore +970 598 540 308