Alphamale Gel

Personal Gel for Men

About Alphamale Gel

Alphamale Gel is formulated for men. It is a unique formula based on natural herbal extracts. It does not contain Lidocaine or Benzocaine. It is water-based, latex safe, pH balanced, and easily absorbed by the skin. It works after 15 minutes of application. Alphamale gel is available in two forms, 15g tubes and 10, 1g sachets.

How does Alphamale Gel Work?

Alphamale gel contains Eugenol as a natural fragrance. Eugenol has a mild local anesthetic action and works to decrease the sensitivity of the man's private area. In addition, Alphamale Gel contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, and Radix Scutellaria.

Related Questions about Alphamale Gel

Is Alphamale Gel safe to use?

Yes, Alphamale Gel is a 100% safe. It is a natural, water-based formula and has no side effects.

Do I need to wait for Alphamale Gel to become absorbed after applying?

Yes, wait 15 to 20 minutes after applying Alphamale Gel to become absorbed.

Are there any side effects to using Alphamale Gel?

Alphamale Gel is a 100% natural formula with no contra-indications. It is a water-based gel that makes it easy to remove and latex friendly.

Can I use a lubricant with Alphamale Gel?

Yes. Once Alphamale Gel has become fully absorbed, a personal lubricant can be used.

Can I use too much Alphamale Gel?

Do not over-apply Alphamale gel. You should always use the smallest effective dosage.

Where can I buy Alphamale Gel?

Alphamale gel is available in Jordan in most pharmacies. The drugstore responsible for it is Smart Pharma Drugstore. It is also available in Palestine through Al-Faisal drugstore. If you are interested to sell Alphamale gel in your market, please check out our partners page and leave your details.

Where is Alphamale gel developed and manufactured?

Alphamale gel is developed and manufactured in Jordan by Goodness Care.

Alphamale Gel Tube and Box
Alphamale Gel Tube and Box