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Become Our Partner

Become Our Partner

Join Us as Our Exclusive Distributor Goodness Care seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical distributors and drugstores with a significant market presence. By partnering with us, your business will have exclusive rights…

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Established in January 2016, Goodness Care has been committed to developing high-quality niche products. Our mission is to create high-quality products guaranteed to be effective and with the best ingredients available with…

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Partner Inquiries If you are a drugstore, a wholesaler, or a distributor and are interested in our products for your market, please check out the Become a Partner page. Service Inquiries If you are…

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Regulatory Services We provide pharmaceutical companies and drugstores with CTD (Common Technical Dossier) Filing, review of regulatory files for registration or re-registration following CTD requirements, e-submission (eCTD) support, response to…

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Quality Metrics in the Pharmaceutical Industry This workshop helps regulatory affairs employees, QA/QC staff, and production staff in pharmaceutical companies and drugstores to get a complete understanding of the importance…

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We’re proud to partner with excellent partners who share our passion for offering top-notch products in their local markets. Our partners are crucial in ensuring people in their countries can…

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Scarless Silicone Gel Scarless is a silicone gel that helps reduce, soften, and flatten hypertrophic scars. It also helps reduce the discoloration and itchiness associated with scars. Scarless gel contains…