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Scarless Gel FAQs

Scarless Silicone Gel FAQs
When can I start using Scarless Gel?

You can start using Scarless Gel as soon as the wound has fully closed and there is no oozing, crusting, or irritation in the area. For post-surgical scars, you may typically start using Scarless Gel approximately 1-2 weeks after stitches or staples are removed or when cleared by your physician or surgeon for use.

For existing scars, you may start using Scarless Gel immediately, provided your skin is intact and there are no wounds or irritation present.

How to use Scarless Silicone Gel?

Here are the steps on how to use Scarless Silicone Gel:

  • Clean and dry the scarred skin.
  • Apply a thin layer of Scarless gel to the scar area.
  • Massage the gel into the scar until it is completely absorbed.
  • Repeat the above steps twice daily, in the morning and evening, for at least 8 weeks.

For old, hardened scars, it may take longer, but you will start noticing improvements within a few weeks of application. If you do not see results right away, be patient. It usually takes a few weeks of application twice daily to see noticeable improvements.

Here are some additional tips for using Scarless Silicone Gel:

  • You can cover the scar with a bandage or dressing if desired.
  • Avoid using Scarless Silicone Gel on open wounds or irritated skin.

Can I use Scarless Silicone Gel to help prevent scars?

Yes, absolutely. One of the best uses for Scarless gel is to apply it immediately after you remove the stitches and the wound dries. If you apply it right away twice daily for a few weeks, the likelihood of a scar forming is very little. This way you can avoid getting a scar.

Can Scarless Gel remove a scar completely?

To make a scar invisible 100% may not be possible, and that goes for any type of gel you use, not just Scarless gel. However, Scarless will help make the scar minimized, and will unify the scar’s color with the skin, so it does not stand out and will make sure it is smooth, not hardened. In some cases, it will remove the scar, especially for recent scars.

How long should I use Scarless Silicone Gel?

The recommended usage time for Scarless gel is 60 to 90 days of application twice daily. If the scar is older and hardened, it may take over 90 days.

I have used Scarless for some time, but have not seen results yet. What shall I do?

Most people should start noticing results in about 5 weeks of application of Scarless gel twice daily. Some scars will require as much as 8 to 12 weeks. Some old and hard scars will take even longer time. So, if you do not notice an improvement in the scar within the first few days, this is normal. Give it more time, and be consistent in the application, and do not give up.

Does Scarless gel have any smell or odor?

No, Scarless Gel is without odor or smell.

What are the ingredients of Scarless Silicone Scar Gel?

Scarless Silicone Gel has the following ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isopropyl Myristate, Squalane (From olive oil), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C).

Are there any studies that examine the efficacy of silicone to heal scars?

Yes, research has been abundant about the effectiveness and efficacy of silicone for the reduction and treatment of scars. Here is a link to one study.

What are the advantages of scarless silicone gel over other types of silicone scar gels?

The main advantages of scarless gel are the following: high-grade Silicone Oils (4 types), Vitamin C, Squalane, non-sticky and silky feel.

Can Scarless be Used on Children?

Yes, Scarless can be used on children over 6 months of age. It is completely non-toxic, non-irritating, biocompatible, non-reactive, and does not absorb into the skin. It stays on the surface to provide a protective barrier layer.

Scarless has a gentle formula and easy application. It’s great for children’s scars! It dries quickly and is water resistant.

Can Scarless be safely used during pregnancy?

Scarless works primarily on the skin’s surface, as it’s not designed to be absorbed into the skin. Its function is to create a barrier that helps retain moisture, which is beneficial for scar management. Due to its non-absorptive nature, it is safe to use Scarless on scars during pregnancy.

Is it possible to use Scarless to entirely erase or remove a scar?

Although it may not be feasible to completely erase or remove a scar, Scarless can significantly enhance the appearance of both new and old scars. It aids in minimizing the scar’s prominence, ensuring it blends well with the surrounding skin and maintaining its smooth texture. In certain instances, especially with recent scars, it may appear as though the scar has been entirely removed.

If my scar opens, should I keep using Scarless?

If your scar opens for any reason, then stop using Scarless immediately and allow the scar to heal. After the open scar heals, you can start using Scarless again.

Does excessive sweating affect the efficacy of Scarless?

excessive sweating and perspiration or wiping the scarred area, particularly during physical activities, may diminish the barrier created by Scarless. In such cases, you can simply clean the area and reapply the gel.

Does Scarless address internal scars?

No. Scarless addresses external skin scars only.

Can Scarless be used on eyelid scars?

Yes, but take extra care to keep it out of the eye and all other mucous membranes.

Can Scarless be used on the lips?

Scarless can be used on the lips, but not inside the mouth. Scarless may need to be applied more frequently when used on the lips.

Can I apply sunscreen or makeup after applying Scarless?

Yes, once Scarless dries, sunscreen or makeup can be applied on top of Scarless. Makeup and sunscreen should not be applied before using Scarless.

What is the expiry date for Scarless gel?

Scarless has an expiry date of three years after manufacturing. This date is imprinted on every box (side flap) and tube (end seal). The expiry date does not change once the tube is opened.


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