Introducing Sweatguard

Although we don’t enjoy sweating, sweat is essential to human survival. Sweat protects the body from overheating, serving as a coolant. However, there are many people who suffer from excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis, and this can be very discomforting. When you are in a public place, in a business meeting, or on a date, the last thing you want is to sweat profusely. And the worst thing, you might smell bad. 

If you want to stop having this discomfort, you need to try Sweat Guard Antiperspirant. It will help you prevent sweating in the areas where you apply it. You can use it on your face, scalp, feet, back, underarms, among other areas. Basically, where you feel you sweat more. The main difference between Sweat Guard Antiperspirant and other similar products on the market is that its effect lasts for up to 7 days each time you use it.

To get the maximum benefit when you’re using Sweat Guard Antiperspirant, please note:

  • You need to have your skin dry before you apply it to prevent any skin irritation. Make sure you wash the area where you want to use it and dry it well with a towel. Then apply the product and leave the skin to air-dry for a while.
  • You shouldn’t use it for at least 24 hours on an area that you have shaved.
  • We recommend applying it at night before you go to bed. The sweat glands are less active and, therefore, will give the Sweat Guard Antiperspirant the time it needs to establish its effectiveness. You will be ready for your daily routine when you wake up.
  • You can wash the skin the next morning.

When you use Sweat Guard Antiperspirant, you will notice the effects immediately. And you won’t feel embarrassed again just because you’re sweating more than others. You won’t be sweating at all.