Upcoming Products

We are working very hard to launch new innovative products. Here are some of the products we are currently working on and expect to launch in the next 12 months

ColostroGEN Cream

For skin regeneration of weak skin, dry skin, sensitive or sore skin, scars and stretch marks or skin prone to injury

Calmicare Oils

Natural Supplement Oils for Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) for babies. Helps in Baby Gas Relief

Femacare Gel

Vaginal Tightening and Moisturizing Gel. Prevents itching and painful sexual intercourse, and Improves sexual desire for women

Germoban Disinfectant

A Unique and Innovative Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Surface Disinfectant that provides antimicrobial protection up to 10 days, against microbes such as viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

Instalift Serum

An Advanced Wrinkle Fighter, for younger looking skin, with instant face lift results that appear within less than 7 days.

Licelle Lice Removal Gel

A pesticides-free head insects repellent gel that helps to remove insects and their eggs from the hair and scalp

Sweat Guard Antiperspirant Wipes

Long- Lasting Antiperspirant Wet Wipes for underarms, and provide up to 1 week sweat protection.

Vitiligo Cream

Restores the normal process of skin pigmentation, and supports normal skin pigmentation with the activation of light.