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Goodness Care seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical distributors and drugstores with a significant market presence.

By partnering with us, your business will have exclusive rights to distribute our high-quality, well-formulated products. This is a unique opportunity to expand your product portfolio with niche, high-quality, profitable, and well-demanded products.

We are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships that promote growth and success.

Innovative & Profitable Products

Who are we?

We specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality cosmeceuticals and supplements. Our products are manufactured in Jordan in GMP and ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, using only the highest quality raw materials and ingredients. We guarantee our products’ efficacy. The pricing structure ensures that you, the distributor, and the pharmacies get substantial margins. Since we develop and manufacture our products, there is no middleman to reduce your margins.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible MOQs: We offer low minimum order quantities, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to start.
  • Regulatory Assistance: We provide guidance and all required documentation throughout the regulatory registration process in your country, ensuring compliance and smooth operations.
  • Comprehensive Training: We offer thorough education and training support for your medical representatives and marketing staff on all our products.
  • Swift Fulfillment: Expect a quick turnaround from placing your order to receiving your products. Most orders can be ready within a few weeks of receiving the legal purchase order.
  • Customizable Branding: We offer the ability to customize designs, branding, and messaging for our products per your market needs and branding guidelines.
  • Private Labelling: We provide the option to private-label any product under your brand name, enhancing your product portfolio.
  • Custom Product Development: Beyond our product range and private labeling options, we can undertake comprehensive custom product development tailored to your requirements. This includes the entire process from concept development, research & development, and regulatory registration to packaging design and manufacturing.

Who Do We Hope to Collaborate With?

We want to connect with established entities with a solid footing in the health products distribution sector. This could include medical devices, cosmetics, or supplements.

We also find it beneficial when our partners already deal with products complementary to ours.

It would be wonderful if your team had experience navigating the regulatory landscape. While we’ll be right there to provide the necessary data and documentation to support product registrations, your expertise would help ensure a smooth and effective process.

Interested to learn more?

Please get in touch with us on Whatsapp, and mention your company, country, and current products, and we will kick off the discussions.