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Our mission at Goodness Care has two parts:

  • Develop high-quality products that are guaranteed to be effective and with the best ingredients available with absolutely no compromise.
  • Empower our partner drugstores with great, profitable, and highly-demanded products.

Our Core Competence

Our core competence is in the following:

  • Product Research & Development.
  • Regulatory Expertise.
  • Product Development A to Z.

Class of products we focus n

We focus on products in the following categories:

  • Medical device
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Food Supplements

We do not develop products that are classified as medicine due to regulatory complexities. However, we can provide consulting services on such products.


Raed Salah

Pharmacist by education. Oversees all technical aspects of the company, including product development, R&D, sourcing, and manufacturing. 

Raed Salah Photo

Khaled Salah

Engineer by education. Oversees all business aspects of the company, including partner relations, commercial contracts, business development, marketing, sales, digital channels, package designs, finance, and accounting.

Khaled salah Photo